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Greetings From Dr. Horowitz

Welcome to The New Start Wellness and Weight Loss Center.   The program at New Start will be your foundation to a better life, both physically and mentally.  Our program is unique in that although we will address the physical nature of being overweight and unhealthy, we will also offer you unique lifestyle guidance that will give you lasting tools for continued success.  The decision to change does not come easily and you are to be congratulated on choosing a new path to unlock the potential of your life.  At New Start, we are committed to positive change in all phases of your life, not just your weight and the number on a scale.  Our mind, body, and spiritual approach to weight loss will be your ticket to a new life.  This decision to improve your health and well-being will reap benefits for years to come.  

At New Start, your personalized program will not only include a medically supervised weight management program but also a framework for you to incorporate daily lifestyle principles to increase your chances of long term success.  There will be ups and downs along the way, but we will be with you at each step.   In our society, we are all under a constant barrage that promotes unhealthy living and eating.  There will be challenges to your ability to stay committed to the program and to yourself.   The food industry values profits not your health. If you fall prey to those lies, your chances of healthy, meaningful living is slim.  Think of our program as a protection against those forces.  At New Start, you will not merely begin a weight loss program; you will begin a new way to live and we will be your partners along this amazing journey.

docAs the founder and Medical Director of New Start Wellness and Weight Loss, I am one of you.  I understand first hand the difficulties that arise out of a body that is fed unhealthy quantities and types of food.  I understand the pain, isolation, and medical problems that come from a body plagued by too much weight.   Personally, my weight caused severe medical problems that if left untreated would have certainly shortened my life.   For so long, I had no way out because I had no connection to a program that could help me.  At New Start, we believe support and connection is the only way to stay on the path to a new you.   Our commitment is that you won’t have to go it alone any longer.  

Congratulations on choosing to partner with us to reach your full potential.  Our passion is helping you achieve your better life.  Now is the time to choose you, let’s get started!

Dr. John D. Horowitz, MD, FACS
American Society of Bariatric Physicians



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